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1. Clothing for Women rewards your next purchase- We often give our customers a gift voucher for the next purchase. Simply key in your voucher code when you check out your order.

2. Purchase Clothing for Women Gift Voucher- We welcome you, our customers, to purchase our gift voucher for your family and friends. Once you check out your voucher amount, we will email your voucher code as soon as possible.

3. Facebook sharing Post Reward- Clothing for Women gives you a Facebook Sharing Post Gift Voucher in its opening period. If you purchase goods to the value of more than $50 and share our products on Facebook, Clothing for Women will email you a $10 gift voucher. If you purchase more than $100, we will email you a $20 gift voucher towards your next purchase.

Please note: Gift vouchers are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase or issue. Please redeem it before the expiry date. A voucher can only be redeemed by an order. If the voucher value is greater than the item price, you can only redeem the item you select.

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